Management Planning Controlling And Organizing Case Study

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The functions of management planning, controlling, and organizing are three of the four major functions of management. Henri Fayol believed that these functions are universal to all organizations and managers perform them regardless of the management level. (Satterlee, 2013). Whether an organization is starting up or refining its business model, proper planning, governance, and controls are necessary to ensure the processes and procedures are aligned with the set organizational goals.
Group Consensus
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is the process by which an organization’s top managers envision the future and develop action plans to make that future a reality. A strategic vision is the organization’s overarching goal, which guides management as they make plans and conduct business. An essential element of strategic planning is the ability of an organization’s leaders to be able to forecast and adapt to the future. (Satterlee, p.67, 2013). The immense importance of strategic planning helps a business identify and prepare for future difficulties and opportunities, while also helping to establish and maintain company goals (Skokan et al, p. 59, 2013). If a strategic plan is carefully developed, management can proceed with confidence, knowing that all possible worst-case-scenarios have been addressed, so the company will know how to
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As we read this Bible verse we can see how God from the beginning of the world started with a vision or a strategic plan, He then implemented governance and management control. His vision was to create us, and then He gives us governance and control over everything created. To not follow the creator’ guideline will be a recipe for

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