Management-Controlling Function Essay

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Once managers assume responsibilities for their units, they decide “where they are going” (Planning), who will do what (Organizing), and how to motivate their employees (Leading). In this presentation, we are going to explore how to keep things under control in an organization.
It is imperative that all managers should be involved in the control function even if their units are performing as planned. Managers can't really know whether their units are performing properly until they have evaluated what activities have been done and have compared the actual performance with the desired standard. An effective control system ensures that activities are completed in ways that lead to attainment of the organization’s goals.
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Controlling leads to identification of new problems that in turn need to be addressed through establishment of performance standards, measuring performance etc.
Designing Effective Control Systems
Effective control systems have the following characteristics: 1. Control at all levels in the business 2. Acceptability to those who will enforce decisions 3. Flexibility 4. Accuracy 5. Timeliness 6. Cost effectiveness 7. Understanderbility 8. Balance between objectivity and subjectivity 9. Coordinated with planning, organizing and leading
* It is the process of measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results. * Has a positive and necessary role in the management process. * Makes certain that the right things happen, in the right way, at the right time. * Organizational learning and after-action review.
Controlling Process * Steps in the control process: * Step 1 — establish objectives and standards. * Step 2 — measure actual performance. * Step 3 — compare results with objectives and standards. * Step 4 — take corrective action as needed.

* Step 1 — establishing objectives and standards * Output standards * Measure performance results in terms of quantity, quality, cost, or time. * Input standards * Measure effort in terms of amount of work expended in task performance. * Step 2 — measuring actual

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