Behavioral Theory Of Management And Attention To People

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The Behavioral Theory of Management looks at the behaviors of the individuals in a group, the group as a whole, and the behaviors of the leader in trying to understand how the group performs its functions. There are two sub-sections on applying the Behavioral Theory of Management to understanding the efficacy of the group. The sub-sections are recognized as Attention to Task, and Attention to People. (C200 E-Text, n.d., Chapter 15: Leadership) Attention to Task is concerned with understanding how the leader understands and divides the work load so that the needed tasks are completed in order for the group to reach its goals. Attention to People describes how the leader and group interact, and how the leader supports and encourages the subordinates so they can grow. The employees are motivated to perform their tasks due to feelings of appreciation, inclusion, and achievement, in addition to the skills and abilities they develop. (C200 E-Text, n.d., Chapter 15: Leadership) Strengths Chris is an effective leader due to the strength of his attention to task, and the understanding of how properly defined, designed, and performed tasks will lead to achieving the group’s goals. He also tempers his task-oriented style with some care for the …show more content…
The assignment is usually documented in order for the employee to have an easy point of reference. In addition, Chris maintains an open-door policy so that at just about any time he’s in his office, he is available to discuss issues or ideas about the task at hand. The clear, concise nature of his requests lead to less confusion about what the outcome of the task needs to be, which leads to a more efficient and effective completion of the task. As the individual tasks lead to the completion of greater goals, whenever a task is completed more efficiently and effectively, the greater goal is also completed in the same

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