Management and Leadership Paper on Google

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Management and Leadership Paper on Google As with its technology, Google has selected to ignore standard wisdom in designing its business. Google started with seed money from angel investors and brought together two venture capital firms that are competing to fund its first equity round. When the dotcom boom exploded, its competitors spent millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to “build brand,” but Google focused instead in quietly building a better search engine. The word rapidly extended from one satisfied use to another. With its site where it has enhanced search technology and high volume of traffic, managers at Google recognized search services and advertising as two initial opportunities for generating revenue …show more content…
When review time comes, peers get an e-mail requesting comparison of the employee to other Google people (Claburn, 2006).
Moreover with Google’s outstanding leadership to its employees, the company has created Googleplex headquarters where almost everyone eats and sits at whatever table that has opening and enjoy conversations with Googlers from all different departments. Googleplex, located in Mountain View, California, is built for convenience and relaxation of Google’s employees. This is another way of giving value and importance to their employees. At Googleplex, the lobby is decorated with piano, old server clusters, lava lamps, and a projection of search queries on the wall. Also, the hallways are filled with bicycles and exercise balls. Each employee has access to the recreation center. They also have recreational amenities that are scattered throughout the Google campus and it includes a workout room with weights, washers and dryers, locker rooms, a massage room, various video games, foosball, a baby grand piano, a ping pong, and a pool table. There are also snack rooms besides the recreation room stocked with various fresh fruits, cereals, candies, nuts, yogurts, and different kinds of refreshments that include soda, juice, and even make your own cappuccino. In addition, Google provides free meals to employees to enhance their productivity and also to

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