Management Adopting Internet Based Communication System Within Multinational Corporation

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Management has had great benefits in the globalization of business as well as negative impacts. Some of these benefit’s are;

• Management adopting Internet based communication system within Multinational Corporation.
• In terms of managements support through encouragement, training and development of subsidiary managers abroad on how to overcome cultural shock.
• Management contributing towards resolving issues of fair trade.

On the other hand some of management’s negative impacts in the globalization of business are;

• Managers pay less attention to ethics
• Different management styles decreasing performance of foreign employees.
• Managerial culture of nepotism been observed in my country.

Multinational Corporation

Management of Multinational Corporation has now adopted the style of performing business-to-business exchanges through Internet based communication system. The revenue from Internet-based B-to-B exchange was $34 billion in 1998 (E-procurement, November 20, 2000). In the year 2002, the market size grew to $870 billion. Management adoption of this system has led to the increased globalization of business because organization can now perform their exchanges faster and in time, also easier access to new markets and suppliers, and efficient management of the whole supply chain process. The success of worldwide retail chain has been attributed to the electronic data interchange (EDI) system installed among its pool of suppliers. The ubiquity of the…

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