Uber Tax Avoidance

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Economic globalization means that world economies become more and more connected as a result of there will be more trade between countries.(Gao,2000).MNCs is the main parts of the economic globalization. However, the critics of MNCs claim that they have too much power. For example, 2015 data: companies vs governments revenues: Corporation Walmart 482130000000 but Australia Government 425700000000.( (CIA World Factbook, Fortune Global 500, 2015))A corporation revenue over a nation. Also, MNCs challenge the sovereignty of countries by many ways such as tax avoidance or take advantage of the free trade agreement. This essay will explain how the MNCs challenge it.

-Body paragraph 1 Uber Tax avoidance
Firstly, tax avoidance is one of the main ways for MNCs to challenge the sovereignty of countries. MNCs tend to find the legal loopholes of countries to avoid paying the tax, which can help them to increase the profit. For example, the ride sharing app Uber, an America based MNC. This corporation found the loophole of many countries government. For example, if a driver wants to become a Uber driver, he or she just register easily by the app. Then the driver can provide services for consumers.
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Philip Morris claimed that the plain packaging prevents them from using their trademarks on the packages of their cigarettes, it violates their company’s intellectual property, company let the government pay for the compensation”.( Fitzgerald 2015) Finally, tobacco firm failed to get the compensation. How does tobacco firm challenge the sovereignty of Australia? The tobacco company sued a government for enacting laws designed to enhance citizen

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