Essay about Male Circumcision : A Common Procedure

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Circumcision is basically the removal of the foreskin of a male child or an adult male. “It has been reported that approximately one third of the global male population is circumcised. Male circumcision is generally practiced for religious reasons, all over the world except in the USA where it is performed for nonreligious reasons”. (Cordsuk et al., 2013). “Circumcision is a common procedure, but regional and societal attitudes differ on whether there is a need for a male to be circumcised and, if so, at what age they should be circumcised”. (Morris et al., 2012). This is an important issue that needs to be decided by parents, but also by medical bodies, public health, doctors and policy makers. “The circumcision of newborn males in Canada has become a less frequent practice over the past few decades. This change has been significantly influenced by past recommendations from the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Paediatrics, who both affirmed that the procedure was not medically necessary”. (Sorokan, Finlay, and Jefferies, 2015). The purpose of this paper is to examine the positive impact of circumcision on a male child and its negative effects. This topic was chosen because of its relevance to nursing in the aspect of care after the circumcision, preparing the patient and comforting him before and after the procedure, also making sure the consent form is signed and checking the armband of the patient before the surgical operation.…

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