Male And Female Gender Roles Essay

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Individuals who do not fit into the male and female gender roles are disliked and shamed by society because they are not what it calls “normal.” The definition of normal is conforming to a standard or conforming to the expected. Society should not have the power to make an individual conform to anything. Does a person have to be born female to be female? The answer is simply no. Jenna Talackova is a prime example of this because she was born a man but knew she was a female from the beginning. These people who were born with a specific genetic gender have no control over their chemical make-up, but they do control what gender role they decide to be and no one should tell them to pick one that fits the normal standards of society. Judith Butler writes about gender in her book and how it should not be a preconceived notion. People with non-normative gender roles struggle daily, unable to express who they are because society would not accept them. These struggles can be addressed by allowing children to choose their gender through their own process of self-discovery.
Jenna Talackova was born as a boy named Walter but knew she wanted to be a girl. When her parents called her a boy, she felt it was wrong. If a child knows it is not supposed to be classified as the gender they are born with, society should not treat them according to traditional gender roles. Jenna visited the doctor when she was fourteen and started taking estrogen to begin the transition into being a woman. At…

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