Malcom X and Amy Tan Essays

753 Words Oct 5th, 2014 4 Pages
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Reading Blog #2: Malcolm X and Tan

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Malcom was so interested in the dictionary he would spend three to four hours sitting on his cell floor just for the light to read constantly. Malcom read during late hours all the time to the point he knew when the gaurds did a night walk through of each cell hallway.

2. Malcom X's view on African American history was shocking and made me think that some points he made did actually make sense in some parts. One point that was interesting was when he said " If you started with a black man, a white man could be produced; but starting with a whitman, you never could produce a black man- because the white gene is recessive" (pg. 277). Malcom made sense of the views of African American history to the point where reading this autobiography has me thinking that maybe the world did start off with a black man instead of a white man. His views did give me a outlook on the history and makes me want to read more into black history and see if it is true that we started with a black man instead of white man.

Tan " Mother Tongue"

1. Tan descirbes standard English as a form of english where the grammar is perfect along with the tenses. Along with standard English she also talked about the way she talks to her family and husband where that is called English of intamacy. The English that made an impact on her was her mothers English where some would call it " limited english" (pg.419) where their English is unclear or not perfect.

2. English has been my first language. I was

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