Malcom X : A Memoir Of A Bilingual Childhood Essay

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It is difficult being surrounded in a world where the view on culture and race are always changing There are two ways in which people can go about this, accept defeat and accept the changes, or fight to keep the identity alive. People such as Malcom X, Richard Rodriguez and Gloria Anzaldua were all placed in situations where they decided on what was best for their future. Culture and race had a major influence in their life because that decided whether or not they will succeed in fitting into a new society. Being around people who are not from the same race can discourage them from trying. Richard Rodriguez, a Mexican American, was going to a Roman-Catholic church that was a predominantly an Anglo-Saxon race. In the passage, “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”, Rodriguez explains, “An accident of geography sent me to a school where all my classmates were white and many were the children of doctors and lawyers and business executives.” (570). Seeing so many people from the opposite race already made Rodriguez feel unwelcomed, but knowing that many of the children come from successful parents also had an impact in him because he comes from a lower class family. Culture is what brought family together for him. All the pressure Rodriguez was facing made up his decision. Rodriguez figured that he had to accept the new changes he was facing because if not then he was still going to be ostracized, so he started to leave his culture behind in order to learn the new…

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