Malcolm X : A Hero And A Powerful Black Leader Essay

1397 Words Nov 13th, 2015 6 Pages
Malcolm X is a historical figure that some historians are intrigued about his legacy. Malcolm is considered a hero and a powerful black leader that influenced many African Am+ericans lives. In the Malcolm X A Life of Reinvention book, Manning has presented Malcolm with different phases of his life. From a dramatic life of Malcolm Little to a transformation of Malcolm X. It is a book that does not characterize or give Malcolm X an image or a legacy. In fact, Malcolm X’s death creates a lot of speculations that do not determine if Malcolm X was a collapsed hero or a prey of injustice. It is unclear about Malcolm X’s death. The doubtful death theory gives the opportunity for historians to create their own theories. Some of these theories were Elijah Muhammad accusation, FBI allegation, and MMI betrayal. Malcolm X’s death, according to Manning came before his actual death. Manning described Malcolm X decisions toward his death threats as suicide decisions. As Malcolm X was getting close to his deathbed, he knew that there was no way out, but to accept it. Malcolm became an easy target of those who opposed him. As we read Malcolm X A Life of Reinvention, can Malcolm X be remembered as a fallen hero or a criminal? Many of us have a memory of Malcolm for his aggressive and violence speeches. Therefore, what does Malcolm X’s death represents? Manning gives great details about Malcolm X life events. Malcolm X is known as Malcolm Little. Moreover, Malcolm X had multiple…

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