Essay about Making The Familiar Strange : A Sociological Theory

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“Making the Familiar Strange”: a sociological theory in which one must take a common belief and alter their perception of said belief in order to settle on its worth. This concept, despite its seeming simplicity, is one that many people fall short in completing. To “make the familiar strange” is to question the established norms in society and assess its value and connection to the self. Although a multitude of students enroll into college each semester, many do not acknowledge or assess the true purpose of their undergraduate education. Students across the country do not inquire the true purpose or value of higher education, ultimately contributing to the bandwagon ideal of college. Thus, to prevent students from joining the numerous others who attend college without discovering its true worth, it is imperative for students to make the familiar strange and question this specific norm of society. As previously noted, many students do not comprehend the value and worth of an undergraduate education. To numerous scholars, it is believed that college is an opportunity to grow one’s mind without the restraint provided from the outside world. However, many students perceive their undergraduate education as a gateway to a career. To reiterate this point, students use college/university only as a mere stepping stone in order to jump off into the real world with their chosen field or career. Although both perspectives provide valid claims on the value of education, the…

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