Essay on Making Shared Leadership Work, By Robin Murdock

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When interviewing my principal, Robin Murdock, on the resources utilized within a school she offered rich insight into how resources impact a school. For starters, she expressed the immense impact parents can have on a school due to “their vested interest in their children” and how this interest can lead to helping the school through volunteering, donations, or offering support as needed from home. Furthermore, Ms. Murdock emphasized how a parent’s involvement is often dependent on the experience they had with their own education and schooling. This factor cannot be ignored because it directly relates to whether parents show support for the school and/or how they may respond to situations occurring within the schools. I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Murdock that parents are an essential commodity within the education setting. In an article titled “Making Shared Leadership Work,” it claims that “our parents are the experts, for who knows more about their children then they do?” I have always felt strongly that parents are the best support system for any teacher or administrator and that education starts in the home. Parents that are actively involved in the schools and seek to learn about the curriculum being taught are giving their student an advantage because they are showing that education is something to be valued. It also shows the student that their lives matter because school is such a huge part of each student’s life for so many years and helps mold students…

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