Essay on Making Goals For Myself And Working On Homework

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This semester I learned that I can multitask between making goals for myself and working on homework. I also learned that if I am motivated enough and make a goal that is really important to me I will end up finishing the goal. When I was finishing my community goals I found that they were the most rewarding and that I enjoyed doing things for others rather than myself. Whenever I was finishing my personal goals it was satisfying to make my car payment every month and to know that my credit is being built up in the process. For my student goals I went to every class except for one and it was because I became very sick and it did not affect my grades because I knew that I could get the notes from my friend. My grades are at A’s and B’s right now and if I get A’s on all of my finals I will still maintain the grades that I wanted for this semester.
For next semester I will try to make it to every single one of my classes. It will be important for me to complete this goal because I have some difficult classes next semester and I will have to attend my classes in order to understand the material for tests. Next, I will try to be more organized with my schedule so that I can remember due dates and be able to study for my tests. I learned that it is easy to forget due dates and that I need to make a system that will remind me to do certain things that day. The goals that were the hardest for me to do were my community goals because outside of work and school, it is hard to find…

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