Essay on Making Ethical Decisions : Decisions

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Making Ethical Decisions
For me, ethical decisions take careful consideration and a great deal of critical thinking. I try to think of multiple outcomes that my ultimate decision may cause, as well as my confidence in that decision. If I don’t feel completely comfortable with a decision that I’ve made, then it’s an indication I need to analyze the situation and possibly more before coming to a final conclusion. When this option isn’t available, due to time constraints or other hindrances, I put the hope that I have made the right decision and await the consequences in order to verify that hope. As a man of faith, my most important deciding factor is God and what I’ve learned from his teachings in the Bible. While some people may ridicule me for consulting in God to make ethical decisions, or any decisions in general, I am more confident in him as a consultant than any amount of my most efficient critical thinking because this method has proven to work. My life is full of events that called for critical thinking and having faith in order to make ethical decisions that I was confident in, and there will continue to be more in the future.
Critical Thinking and Ethics
One decision I made where all outcomes were unfavorable was when I made a decision to invest in a property that consisted of over one hundred houses. The two possibilities that I faced was that I could lose a huge profit with my investment, or I could lose out on a huge profit that could support my family’s…

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