Making Appropriate Time Goals And For Interruptions Essay

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1) Ensure that your goals are realistic.

Making sure your goals are realistic is important because if you 're striving towards a goal and never reach it, or don 't reach it in time, you will back track and feel like a failure. This can be solved by making appropriate time goals and allowing for interruptions. Make it important to make SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based.) goals as it will give you a strategic and focused approach to it each goal.

2) When planning and prioritising, write them onto the to do list.

When focusing on your priority tasks and creating a to do list, get into the habit of asking yourself these 6 questions in order to determine if the task is important or not.

What is the most important thing to be done right now?
What deadlines have I got?
What happens if i don 't do this?
Is it important?
Is it urgent?
Do i have to do this?

Dealing with competing demands this enables you to is a constant issue in the workplace, creating a to do list and organising your mind to prioritise your tasks will make it more achievable. It also allows you to see your achievements and progress as you complete one task and move onto the other. The most effective and efficient use of a to do list is to create it at the end of one day, for the next day therefore your morning is planned already, this enables you to get started right away and increase productivity.

3) Prioritise tasks/objectives in terms of usable results

A huge task can…

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