Making A Position Statement : The Image Of The Usa Essay

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“Making a Position Statement:
The image of the USA has become negative. Do you agree with this statement?”
The United States is the most powerful nation in the world. As this statement tells you even if you are in this position, other countries with different moral values will look at our values as negative, therefore in their eyes our country is viewed as negative. Our progress and ability to better our lives in this country makes us apart from every other nation in the world. While other nations around the world refuse to allow change and progress into the future era of civilization. Most of them think that their way of living is the way to live and that our way of living, is not the correct way to live and that every other religion or culture should stay unaltered like thousands of years ago. Denying your own citizens as a country, of progress does not allow any civilization to evolve and become more productive and successful.
Why is the United States perceived as negative and why that view is incorrect?
As the United States became more powerful, every citizen of the country has seen the changes to our way of living through the evolution of our human rights. The United States has been for hundreds of years adapting and reforming all their citizen’s human rights, which has allow every person or individual to voice their concerns and worries. Other countries around the world do not allow any basic human rights and utilize religion and tyranny as a…

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