Major Supportive Resources And Competencies Needed For Strategies

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There are many major supportive resources and competencies needed for strategies to succeed in healthcare organizations. Moseley (2009) states, that the strategy may require resources such as, “money in certain amounts; physical space of certain dimensions; particular types of equipment; specified numbers of people” (p. 228). Money, physical space, equipment, and people are all major resources needed for strategies to succeed in healthcare organizations. Without money, strategies will not have sufficient funds to support the implementation; without physical space organizations will not have a place to implement the strategies; without the equipment strategies will not have a way to be put into action; and without the right people there will not be anyone to implement the strategy effectively. Moseley (2009) states, that strategies also require “certain skills, capabilities, and competencies such as control and reporting systems; and more subtle qualities like attitude, intuition, or imagination” for them to succeed (p. 228). It is important to hire the right people when implementing strategies in your organization. Good attitude, intuition and imagination are required from the people implementing the strategies for them to be successful. Without these skills, capabilities, and competencies strategies will not work for the organization. Success is all in the attitude, intuition, and imagination of the leaders and employees in the organization without that effective…

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