Essay on Major Religions Of The World

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Major Religions:
Compare and Contrast Development and Practices
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Major Religions
The major religions of the world help in shaping what we believe as humans. Hence, we ask ourselves if there is anything in religion that might give our lives a greater depth and direction. The paper looks at the major religions of the world, how they have developed and their practices. The major religions are as follows; Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. There is a brief explanation of each religion, their view of God and what people gain from the said religion.
Abraham founded Judaism in 2000B.C, and Moses then gave the Jews the Torah at around 1250 B.C. the Judaism is a religion mostly followed by Jews because they can relate well with the Old Testament. In Judaism, they believe in one God. Their most religious writings are the Torah, only referring to the first five books of Moses. There are other literature held in high regards by Jews and includes Judaism oral tradition and the written form known as the Talmud (Bowker, 2010). Jews believe in the laws of God and the words of the great prophets. In Judaism, however, actions are of more importance than the beliefs. There are three main types of Judaism, which are, Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and Reform Judaism. Conservative Jews follow most of the traditional practices but are less strict than the Orthodox Jews. Reform Jews, on the other hand, are the least…

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