Maggie : A Key Player As Well By Giving Jim Barton Essay

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Maggie was a key player because she gave Jim Barton, her boyfriend, moral support when trying to solve problems. Additionally she assisted him by setting up lunch dates with people in the IT industry and also gave him a good idea by contacting clients about how the IT performance level for them, as he is the new CIO not as loan operator. 2. The Kid was a key player as well by giving Jim Barton an opening lesson figuring out what he can do as new CIO at the Bar. Furthermore taught him how to know when he does not know something. Likewise the Kid told him first in order to be successful leader you will need to know your strengths and weaknesses. In which Jim Barton knew the management stuff to the business but not the Information technology stuff.
Problem and solution
1. P: “You’ve got to know what you don’t know.” “Huh?” responded Barton. “What you don’t know. You’ve got to know it.”
· S: Barton thought about this. “Yes,” he said. “I definitely don’t know the techie stuff. I definitely do know the management stuff.”
2. P: “So if you were me,” Barton asked, “what would you do on Monday? What would you do on your very first day?”
· S: “Easy,” the kid responded. “Start trying to figure out who on your team is really good. You don’t know the ‘techie stuff,’ as you put it, so it won’t be easy for you to tell who in the department are really good and who isn’t all that good. Lots of managers never really know that. And, to pick up on our…

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