Later School Graduates: The Millennial Generation

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In the depths of the terrible Recession, later school graduates—those in the millennial generation, born in the 1980s and 1990s—are floundering due to appalling economic conditions and a lack of business opportunities. Statistics show that the vocation rate for “junior grown-ups is 55. 3 percent, the most reduced rate since the end of WWII. One-in-five junior grown-ups live in neediness. High school unemployment remains at 25 percent. Press dubs it ‘the lost era.’" But is it really? Assuming that the problem is as bad as the numbers indicate, who is to blame? The mock outrage and victim mentality of the media aside, there are a variety of reasons for this generation 's predicament, the majority of them stemming from the decisions made by the …show more content…
The occupation market is overflowed with older, a greater amount encountered specialists jockeying to those same entry-level positions that school graduates long for. That costs for essential needs like groceries, housing, clothing, and furthermore gas; has spiked. Compensation is stagnant and more and more people are using government aid. Because of the national government 's heavy spending, this era confronts a debt-saturated future. However, youngsters likewise are slacking due to self-inflicted wounds: gigantic student-loan debt, secondary buyer credit card balances, incessant evolution for occupations due to boredom, poor work ethic, privileged attitudes, heightened standard-of-living expectations, distraction with self-esteem, and also delays for marriage and …show more content…
"Each era has faced its adaptation of a "raw deal"—whether it might have been the Great Depression and WWII for the greatest generation, or the Vietnam War and stagflation for the Boomers.” People need to take responsibility for their own actions and must face the consequences of their actions or inactions with dignity. The current work ethic and level of interest will not allow the people to find meaningful employment. And the millennials themselves are to blame for their predicament.
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