Macro Environmental Factors Affecting Unhealthy Foods Essay

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1.5.3 Macro environmental Analysis

Macro environmental factors are factors that relate to the company’s external environment, factors that the company cannot control. These factors have the possibility of posing as a threat to the company but may also provide an opportunity. The PESTLE analysis can be used to determine the company’s macro environmental factors.

The first letter P stands for political and looks at the political factors that affect the company. A factor that could represent a potential threat to McDonalds would be government legislation on unhealthy foods. As adult obesity rises in New Zealand, marking nearly a third of the adult population as obese. Dieticians are forcing government hands to legislate against Big Foods - a company that sponsors powerful industries in the New Zealand food market (O’Neil, 2014) A government legislation placed on unhealthy foods would be a potential threat to McDonalds because of the unhealthy McDonald 's menu. This legislation could possibly restrict the amount of unhealthy foods McDonald 's can have on their menus that would substantially decrease the profits that will be made. This legislation could also affect how McDonalds advertises their products. There have also been increasing concerns over childhood obesity, with one in three New Zealand children either overweight or obese (TVNZ, 2014), government legislation may force fast food chains to stop targeting children with their marketing strategies, which could cause…

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