Macbeth: Shakespeare's Tragic Villain Essay

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Macbeth: Shakespeare's Tragic ViLLain

From nobLe hero to ‘dead butcher', we witness the destruction of a man's character.

How did the destruction come about?
What was actually destroyed was Macbeth's mind. He lost his conscience, his morality, and any connection with goodness. What he achieved by his overwhelming ambition wasn't exactly what he had intended to achieve. And so, he became more determined while his ambitions grew stronger. He couldn't digest the fact that he was winning yet actually losing. He had become king – but he didn't receive the respect, honour and love that Duncan had had. He wanted to prove – to himself, to his wife, to the witches, to everyone – that he was capable of and rightful in being king. But he
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She accused her husband of unmanliness and cowardice, and she got the right reaction that she had wanted from him. Hearing his wife's words and seeing how strong and superior she was, Macbeth was ashamed of himself and wanted to prove that he could be a man and that there was nothing lacking in his character. However, when their goal had been accomplished, it was as if Lady Macbeth and Macbeth switched personalities. At first Lady Macbeth is happy and satisfied, but later on she realizes their mistake as things start to go wrong. She becomes overwhelmed with guilt, regret and shame. She has her downfall before Macbeth does. Lady Macbeth is aware of the fact that they are going to fall, but she does not want to face it. Because of her earlier facade of superiority, purposeful determination and confidence at the beginning, she does not want to prove her very own self wrong. Also, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth seemed to be growing apart. Lady Macbeth had become so weak and ill, suffering from hallucinations, that she had in some way already given up. Whereas, Macbeth became as confident as ever, believing himself invincible, keeping in mind that "none of woman born shall harm Macbeth." Lady Macbeth's mental and physical condition deteriorates and she commits suicide as she knows, ahead of time, that they will lose – and she does not want to face defeat. So Lady Macbeth has her downfall as well as Macbeth. We don't feel too

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