Essay about Macbeth Compared to Hitler

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Although literature is fiction, often the conflict in a work will be strikingly similar to that of a real event. For example, the central issue of the abusive dictatorship of Macbeth in Macbeth, by William Shakespeare parallels that of the terrorizing dictatorship of Adolf Hitler during the early part of the Twentieth Century. In both of these horrible situations, there is a similarity in the challenging rise to power each must go through, their traumatizing dictatorships which destroyed many lives, and the treacherous downfall which ultimately led to their demise.
Macbeth and Hitler were both loved by their people, but both charismatic leaders manipulated the people to gain power. Macbeth was respected and loved by the King and the
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He hired three murderers to kill Banquo once he set off from Macbeth’s kingdom. Macbeth thought he saw Banquo’s ghost and thought that it came back to haunt him. Macbeth seemed to have been losing his mind and he was guilty of Duncan’s death. Macbeth killed his own friend because he thought Duncan was trying to take power back. He had been so paranoid that he had a spy in every house to report of any conspiracies among the people. If the spies would hear anything, Macbeth would kill those who the spies reported back on.
Hitler’s dictatorship was long, terrifying, and stressful. Hitler was in the middle of a war when he was in power. He had the whole world fighting against him as he was trying to gain control of the whole world. Hitler had been so stressed and tired from war that he was mentally unstable. To cope with the long and stressful war, Hitler took drugs. The drugs made him an even worse and cruel dictator. Hitler started genocide in his home country. He persecuted the Jewish population and put them in extermination camps. This dilemma was known to be the Holocaust. Hitler killed six million innocent Jewish people. Hitler and the Nazis soldiers burned, shot, and gassed the Jews. Once in a concentration camp in Germany, the Nazis said “ Beat Those Jews”(Rees 179). Hitler made the Germans and Nazis convinced that they should kill many innocent and harmless people.
Hitler grew weary of conspiracy. He

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