Relationship Between Hitler And Nietzsche

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The Führer, on the other hand, had a more nebulous relationship with Nietzsche’s writings. While Hitler appropriated Nietzsche’s ideas into his ideology, he never actually read his works personally. There were, however, stories and rumors spread throughout Germany regarding the two. Viennese actress Rosa Albach-Petty, for example, reportedly heard a story from a friend of a young workman named Adolf Hitler who asked to borrow Thus Spoke Zarathustra and another book by Nietzsche, saying, “‘almost solemnly,’” “‘I promise you ma’am, that I will cherish the books like life itself.’” Stories like this, while untrue, served a valuable purpose in Germany. They constructed a connection, albeit a fabricated one, between the Führer and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who was viewed as a great …show more content…
This mechanization was rooted both in the Industrial Revolution and in German misappropriation of physicist Hermann von Helmholtz’s work in thermodynamics. The Nazis were inspired by the first law, that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, due to its implications for labor. But the second law of entropy which implied the inevitable heat death of the universe because of “fatigue” over time, was troubling. This led the Third Reich to attempt to overcome this problem through an industrial will to power. As Ernst Jünger put it, “‘Yes, the machine is beautiful. It must be beautiful for him who loves life in all life’s fullness and power… Nietzsche insisted that life is not only a merciless struggle for survival but also possesses a will to higher and deeper goals… it ought to bestow on us higher and deeper satisfactions.’” The “struggle for survival” was a struggle to avoid the fatigue implied by thermodynamics. In the Nazi’s eyes, if any race could do so, it would be the Aryans, for they alone possessed the will and

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