Essay on Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, multiple connections can be made between the characters of Macbeth and my personal experiences, other texts, and events that have occurred around the world. Shakespeare examines human conditions and traits that are relevant to my experience with manipulative people, the T.V. show “Pretty Little Liars”, and Adolf Hitler, Führer of Nazi Germany. It is noticeable/ easy to notice that in modern day there are many/ multiple connection that can be made/ inferred to Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth.

Through my own personal experiences, it is clear to recognise there are connections I can easily compare to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In my experiences with manipulative people I have found that they have the same deceptive and devious behaviour as Lady Macbeth. One of my friends has this behaviour when she wants me to do something that I have a different thought on, she can change my impression on it making it seem like it’s a better idea, no matter how wrong I thought it was before. This can be compared to Lady Macbeth as she is quite obviously manipulative, being her most dominate trait, which is clearly expressed in act 1 when Lady Macbeths quickly changes her husband’s opinion over the murder of Duncan. At first Macbeth is not wanting to kill Duncan under fear and guilt, he notes that nothing in this plan offers any motivation to proceed in the murder other than his own desire to become king. In Lady Macbeths eyes she sees an immediate path to take the…

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