Conflict And Conflict In William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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During our everyday lives we run into conflict, whether that be between us and another person, or internally within ourselves. There are always different choices to be made and different paths to take when facing conflict. Macbeth is a play that was written by William Shakespeare. And in this play we follow Macbeth and we see the choices that he made. We can see that during the time of Macbeth our live are very different, but yet we both have to deal with conflict. For Macbeth this conflict was between good and evil. And we see that when he made the wrong choice it lead him down a path of a series of wrong choices, which eventually lead to his down fall. During the very start of the play we see a major conflict. This conflict is a civil war within Scotland. And Macbeth is emerged in the middle of a general in the king army Macbeth had many choices he could make. He could have run away from the conflict. He could have packed up his things and took his family to another country avoiding the conflict entirely. Or he could have joined the rebellion. He must have had friends and family on that side. He could have led them to victory and he could have claimed the throne for himself and ruled Scotland for the rest of his days. But he did neither of those things. He decided to remain loyal to his king and his country. And he fought bravely for them as …show more content…
After killing the king Macbeth goes on a killing frenzy. He killed Banquo, mainly due to jealousy. He knew Banquo had a son and he would get a line of great kings. Macbeth was jealous because him and lady Macbeth were barren and he killed Duncan for nothing since he could not pass on the throne to his children. So he had them killed. But actually he takes the role of lady Macbeth in this murder. He instantly decides to kill Banquo and he persuades the assassins he has hired, to do it for

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