Macarthur Vs. Douglas Macarthur Essay

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“He had a way of touching your elbow or shoulder, upping his chin with a slight jerk and crowding into his eye such a warmth of blessing… he made you feel you’d contributed a boon to the whole human race” (“Douglas MacArthur” 1). MacArthur came from a background of a strict military upbringing. His father and grandfather were both generals and being raised on a military base MacArthur was destined to be a part of the United States military. His life was shaped and structured, but he had a special quality others lacked. He was a man with a mind ingenious and a heart of gold. Douglas MacArthur’s extraordinary efforts in Japan have enhanced as well as revolutionized America as well as impacted the country of Japan forever. From a young age, MacArthur was upheld to remarkable standards. MacArthur’s upbringing was based around the events of the military, for his father was a famous Civil War general. Douglas MacArthur lived his entire life by the United States Military Academy at West Point code: Duty, Honor, and Country. His mother inspired the greatness in him, comparable to his fathers. “If only your father could see you now! Douglas, you’re everything he wanted you to be” (“Douglas MacArthur” 1). Douglas not only met the expectations of his mother and father, but exceeded them. He became and accomplished what his father always wished he had done himself. Becoming one of America’s most famous military personnel is not an easy task; it takes lots of hard work, dedication,…

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