Ma Fashion Media Practice And Criticism Essay

2042 Words Nov 21st, 2016 9 Pages
Kamila Kilian
MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism
Year 2

Historically, „fashion seemed „unworthy” of entering the museum" (Steele, V., 2008, p. 9), therefore fashion exhibition 's curators have faced many challenges throughout their work process - funding, educational values, sources of entertainment. All of these factors have a huge impact on the final result as well as the reviews of the exhibitions, and they may challenge their design and content. In her article Rocamora points out the effect that digital media have had on the fashion industry in terms of the changes they have forced as well as the opportunities they have given (2016, p. 2). It seems accurate to suggest that this also applies to museum 's fashion exhibitions, adding another aspect to curators ' work.

This essay explores the journey from physical to digital and questions whether this translation can be successful within the museum 's galleries. Furthermore, it considers the relationship between the digital space and the physical space created functioning as its prototype. As my case studies I will use my client proposal for the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as online dressing up game

The permanent collection at The Fashion Gallery at Victoria and Albert Museum is a great example of the most popular way of exhibiting fashion - as stated in Steele 's work, the galleries could be described as "antiquarian in their approach and chronological in their…

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