Lynching And The Black Wall Street Essay examples

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The man who supposedly tried to rape the white woman was Dick Rowland. Rowland was accused of attempt of rape while in an elevator. Both blacks and whites actually said that Rowland wasn’t the type of man to rape anyone. (“What happened to Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921?,” 2) One source actually says that Rowland had accidently stepped on her foot, which caused her to scream. The next day, some whites planned to lynch Rowland. There was even an editorial (now lost) that said, "To Lynch Negro Tonight.” (Ellsworth, 2) Sadly this happened everywhere in America, although whites went through lynching too, whites were lynched mostly in the west. In the South, all blacks were lynched often for reasons other than justice. There were many newspaper editorials that advertised lynching and the passion of lynching. In the south, blacks would be lynched for arguing with a white man, drunkenness, or even trying to vote. (Gado, 1-2) Before the Tulsa bombing, a mob of whites came up against a mob of blacks, who were trying to protect Rowland. (Shalamath, 1) A black war veteran stepped forward with a gun, threatening to use it if he had to. The whites then tried to disarm blacks and gunfire went off, and some whites were killed. (“What happened to Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921?,” 2) The white mob tried to loot black houses and businesses in a rage after that. Buildings were burned, and blacks were arrested, injured, and killed. (Vaughn, 3) This was a little riot compared to what…

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