Lung Cancer : Causes And Treatment Essay

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Currently, the United States of America contain thousands of people that battle with diseases every day. On a yearly basis a family member does the unthinkable by putting a member of their family to rest. One disease that kills numerous people each year is lung cancer. To most, the thought of lung cancer is devastating while to others it causes confusion and a lack of understanding. Why me? What is lung cancer? What causes lung cancer? These are common questions one faces after a lung cancer prognosis on a day to day basis. Luckily, there are organizations whose sole purpose is to decipher the disease and work on treatment and possibly one day a cure. Lung cancer claims the lives of many each year, and to fully understand the disease one must acknowledge the following: types, symptoms, one significant cause, and treatment.
Unfortunately, there are many types of lung cancer. There are two kinds of lung cancer that many people struggle with every day. To fully understand the two types of cancer one needs to know what cancer is. In science class most learn about biology and the fact that the human body consists of not only blood, bones, and organs, but also cells. It is these cells that cancer can form. Lung cancer is merely one type out of numerous types of cancer that can occur in the body. So what is cancer? Cancer develops when the cells become abnormal and form tumors. Tumors appear in all areas of the human body. “The two types of lung cancer are small cell lung cancer…

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