Lung Cancer Case Study Essay

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Thank you very much for referring Lyn along for the incidentally detected lung nodules. As you have mentioned, she was having a CT scan of her abdomen and pelvis for further assessment of right iliac fossa pain and this did detect some nodules in the lung bases. I understand there was no obvious cause for her right iliac fossa pain and she is managing this well.

Thank you for going on to organise a formal CT scan of the chest. This did show multiple scattered nodules in both lungs, some of which are calcified and will likely represent calcified granulomas. There were however two non-calcified nodules, one 1cm x 1.1cm in the right lung base and another of 0.5cm in the left lung base. There were also some mild fibrotic changes seen in the basal segments of the lower lobes.

These certainly are an incidental finding as Lyn has no respiratory symptoms of concern. She has no weight loss or sweats and otherwise feels that she is otherwise healthy. She has never smoked but has had passive smoking exposure in her childhood and in her previous work in an office, but has had no passive smoke exposure over the 30-40 years. She is a retired childcare worker with
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This was monitored in her earlier years with some chest imaging back then, but she does not recall having any chest x-rays or CT scans in the last 40 years.

On examination, she is well looking and saturating at 98% on room air. Her lung fields were clear without any wheezes or crackles.

Given her non-smoking status, her lung lesions are likely benign. We have discussed options moving forward including a PET scan or an expectant approach. As such, we will repeat imaging three months after the original scan which will be towards the end of June. I will then see her following this to discuss the results and management moving

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