Luke Bryan's Influence On American Early Life

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“It’s pretty cool to see how far music will take you.” This quote from Luke Bryan shows how much music has shaped his life in so many ways and helped him to grow into the person he is today. He had an ordinary life leading up to his adulthood and has had many successes in life, including marriage and graduating college. He has had up’s and downs in life and has had a great musical career, and can always depend on his fans to make him feel better. Bryan may not have had the best life, but his music career has increased greatly through his years as a musician.
Luke Bryan was born on July 17, 1976, in Leesburg Georgia. His real name is Thomas Luther Bryan and is the son of LeClair and Tommy Bryan. Bryan is a young son of a farmer with two other
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He was always in musicals and he sang in church too! Finally, when he was fourteen he bought his own guitar. Technically his first job was at a grocery store, but his mother always made him sing to her on long trips or just on the way to the grocery store. He finally started a band to express his musical abilities. Bryan started writing his own songs at the age of sixteen. Which he still writes a lot of his own songs today! Unfortunately, his brother, Chris, died in a car accident at the age of twenty-six, while Bryan was only nineteen at the time of his brother’s death. Bryan went to college and was married soon after. He went to college near his town so he could be close to his family. The college was named Georgia Southern University. He graduated in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. He met his current wife in college at a bar called Dingus Magee’s. Bryan was a senior at the time and his wife Caroline was a freshman. They were college sweethearts and were married on December 6, 2006 with matching tattoos of each other entails. They both raised two sons with the name of Thomas, who was born in 2008, and Tatum, who was born in …show more content…
Not surprisingly, Bryan has a country hall of fame exhibit with many back to back double platinum artist. Bryan’s annual income or annual pay is about 42.5 million dollars per year. He is also Co-owner of Buck Commander, which is a hunting show on the Outdoor Channel. Which is not very surprising because that’s how Luke was raised, Hunting and fishing. He has also played in many shows and movies, like the show Nashville. His main fan club is called The Nuthouse because he used to work on his father's Peanut farm. Although he does not seem like it Luke is goofy a lot including on stage and with his family and friends.
Bryan did not have a wonderful life as he was growing up, but he has not given up on his dreams. His teen life was normal for a kid. He has had a good love life and many other accomplishments, including going to college and his musical career. He has had some of his best moments with family and friends, but he also had some bad times. His career has gone up over the years and he can always count on his fans. Now that you have read about Luke Bryan, listen to his songs and see how much you have an interest in

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