Luke Bryan Research Paper

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Luke Bryan “The power a song has over people is the simple fact that someone could be having an awful day and your song or performance can make that all go away. The way that it affects people's lives and how they can remember what's going on in their lives when they heard a certain song you sang.” Luke Bryan said this to everyone that is going through a hard time and that you’ll get through it. Luke was going through a hard time and still managed to keep on writing and singing new songs. Clearly, Luke Bryan is a successful artist. Luke Bryan’s life offstage has influenced this success. Initially, Luke had a pretty great childhood. He grew up in Leesburg, Georgia. That is where his father grew peanuts and sold fertilizer for a living. Growing up he helped his family work on …show more content…
One reason his music has been popular is because he sticks to one style. Luke is a singer and songwriter. He is also a country artist (Deming). Of course Luke did have people that influenced him. Ronnie Milsap is one of the people who influenced Luke. Ronnie helped him learn to play piano. Naomi Judd is the other person that influenced Luke. She was in Luke’s college band and helped him get better and better along the way. Granted he did have a couple important songs. “I’ll Stay Me” is his first song ever written, it also reached number five on the Hot Country Song Chart. The song “Huntin’, Fishin’, Lovin’ Everyday” describes him and his hobbies. This song also won two CMT music awards. Having people that influences you is pretty great, because you get to learn more along the way with their help that's making you better every step of the way. Luke Bryan is a successful artist. Luke’s life offstage lead him to a lot of success. His career is getting him very far in life. Luke’s music has lead him to being a very famous country artist. Next time you would like to listen to some new music, try listening to Luke

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