Lowe's Fix In Six Case Study

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Case Study - Lowe's "Fix in Six" Vine Campaign Lowe’s is an American company that operates chain of retail home improvement having stores in Canada, Mexico, and in the United Sates. According to TheStar, Lowe’s is the second-largest hardware chain globally and here in the US, losing only to The Home Depot. Lowe’s is in the business of helping people to improve their homes. With their motto “Never stop improving” in mind, four years ago, Lowe’s decided to use Vine, a social media app where people could share and create six second videos, to bring life-hacks and useful tips to improve other people’s house in 6 seconds; they called the campaign “Lowe’s Fix in Six.” They created more than 50 videos and almost overnight the campaign became very …show more content…
The “Fix in Six” fits Lowe’s brand perfectly; since they want to help people improve their homes, what better way to do it than give people amazing tips in only six-second videos on how they can accomplish this in an easier and faster way? I think they did a good job by targeting Millennials. They are the ones that soon will be in the home buying department. Also, by using Vine and targeting Millennials, it helped them to get over 40 million loops on only 55, 6-second Vines; I consider this very successful. Another advantage they had was the idea of using only an iPhone and not requiring any type of fancy editing when making the videos; With that, they were able to run the campaign by spending only $5,000 dollars; they saved a lot of money. The content in the video was simple, sometimes funny, but always helpful. I loved to watch them and learn some hacks that can literally improve my house. I wish they had kept the vines, but at least they still have some videos on their Instagram page (now they make 30 second videos, and they still really good). I think they did a fantastic job in this campaign. Many different brands can learn with them. You can’t just create good content, you need to know what is your strategy, who is your audience, and how to target and reach them. This is so far my favorite campaign and case

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