Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

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Lowering the Drinking Age The day kids turn 18 they are no longer kids, they are adults. As adults there are so many things you can do. From voting to buying a house, but there is one thing 18 year olds can’t do… drink. The three topics I will be talking about in this paper will be traffic related accidents, sexual dangers, and college campus dangers. There are many stories about teenagers drinking underage. Even if the drinking age dropped to eighteen from twenty-one do you think that would fix the problem? What is it that one looks forward to when turning eighteen? Turning eighteen is a huge milestone for many teenagers. They can finally buy a house, move out, go to college, and get married if they want to. But there is one thing that eighteen year olds can’t do, they can’t drink alcohol. Lifting the drinking age to twenty-one is not necessary some say. However, others say that 18 year olds are too irresponsible to drink and that’s why they need to wait until twenty-one. With drinking for anybody, there always seem to be consequences. Some consequences include, making bad decisions, getting pregnant, getting an underage, and if one decides to drive, getting a DWI is on that list as well. One thing that is so talked about is drinking and driving. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stated, “Personally I would like to see the legal drinking age lifted to twenty-one years, after linking high rates of P-plater road deaths to alcohol consumption.” (Anonymous, February…

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