Essay on Lowering Minimum Legal Drinking Age

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Lowering Minimum Legal Drinking Age
Turning 18 is similar to a rite of passage in today’s society, an entirely new world is opened up once someone is 18 years old. People can now make numerous life-altering decisions because they are legally adults, however, drinking alcohol is not one of these new adult decisions available to 18 year olds. Drinking alcohol is just as life changing as smoking a cigarette; the minimum smoking age is only 18, so why is the drinking age 21? People argue that the drinking age needs to stay at 21 because frontal lobes in the human brain, which control decision making, are not fully developed until 21, if this is true then why is 21 not the mark of adulthood? Bringing the legal drinking age back down to 18 could actually decrease the rate of underage drinking and even save thousands of lives. The minimum legal age for alcohol consumption should be lowered to 18 because a person is considered an adult at the age of 18, no one can prevent college students from binge-drinking, and it will decrease the rate and effect of underage drinking.
At age 18, people are considered to be adults; everything a person does from that point on is considered permanent and they are responsible for making smart decisions in life on their own. In many other first world countries such as Germany, France, and Britain, the legal drinking age ranges anywhere from 16 to 18 years of age. Many doctors and psychologists argue that alcohol damages developing brains when in…

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