Love : Love And Love Essay

1433 Words Aug 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Love, everyone can remember their first love, the first emotional bond used to connect two people. The term love can be used in many different ways, love has a meaning depending on the words used around it; yet most of those meanings do not represent the definition of love. Love is often a term used to describe a strong emotion towards your significant other, however, that is not the only person love is given to. We give our love to family and friends, it’s your trust and caring to a person, love is the bond that has woven them into your life story. Other meanings of love can include puppy love, an admiration for one another with a bit of attraction mixed in, not to mention the love you give to friends. It’s alright to love your friends, it’s like loving your family, there is no physical attraction, but you are bonded and will always be there for one another. Few, especially teens, know of this. We teens often mistake a loving someone for being in love with them, a simple attraction may be believed as a fated romance between them. Humans are highly complex beings, even we don’t understand the words and emotions we have among us. Because of this, we long for a true love, the unconditional love of a partner, we expect to be given the word without even giving up a single grain of rice for them. This is why so many fall out of love, this is why teens forget the diverse meaning of love, this is why true love can never be real unless you make it Teenagers, that awkward phase…

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