Love Is The Soul 's Life Essay

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We are people who need to love, because love is the soul’s life, love is simply creation’s greatest joy. --Hafez

Erin grabbed Dylan’s pants from out of his hand. “No! You can’t wear them yet.”
“But Erin, what do you want me to do, stand here in my underwear?”
“Put on a pair of sweats,” his sister said, walking away with his tuxedo pants. She carefully hung them back up next to his brand new shirt and suit jacket.
Turning back around, she looked at him with an appraising eye. “Have you been working out? You’re lookin’ buff, bro!”
Dylan couldn’t stop a smile from covering his face. He had been working out. His nagging guilt at not getting enough exercise, and slightly more free time with his new medical residency had finally allowed him to get to the gym. There was definitely something to be said for private practice in pediatric medicine. It wasn’t quite as hectic and all consuming as working in a hospital where he’d been on call or at work 18 hours a day, six days a week.
“Dylan! Why aren’t you getting dressed?” his mother yelled, popping her head into the bedroom door and making him jump. She looked amazing. Her straight blond hair had been pulled up and curled, and she was wearing an elegant pale blue skirt suit.
“I was trying to, but Erin told me not to,” he shouted back, beginning to get frustrated.
“Dylan, what are you doing standing there in your underwear?” asked Susie, his eldest sister, coming into the room half a minute after their mother. She was looking good…

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