Love Is The Most Powerful Emotion Essay example

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Love is argued to be the most powerful emotion one can receive. It is crazily complex and cannot be explained simply to anyone. While love cannot be explained, every person has the capability to feel it. Love feels different every time and that must be why no one can fully explain it. Love one can feel is sporadic and mostly doesn’t make sense but you can figure it out through time and many other factors that can be shown or taught. There are many different types of love according to researchers. While researchers may believe in certain loves, other groups may believe differently.
Many questions are asked about love, one being “Is love best understood as agape, eros, philia, something else, or all of these?” (Oord 923). Some researchers have actually determined for themselves the amount, and types of love they believe are out there. One being John Lee who “characterized 6 major types of love: eros (erotic desire for an idealized other), ludus (playful or game like love), storge (slowly developing attachment (/basics/attachment)), mania (obsessive and jealous (/basics/jealousy) love), agape (altruistic (/basics/altruism) love), pragma (practical love).” (Cohen). John Lee believes that these are the six loves that one feels towards another human being. While John Lee believes in only six loves Robert Sternberg believes in a total of eight different types. In studying love “… Sternberg described eight different kinds of love: nonlove (low in all 3 elements), liking (high on…

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