Essay on Love Is The Most Important Type Of Love

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There are three different types of love, your love for your family, which is never ending and will always be the love you depend on. However you may experience so rather harsh brawl with one another, but you can 't never seem to hate them. That’s actually the most important type of love, the one you have.

The next type of love is the one you see on television and in every single music video or book ever. The love between two people that’s indestructible, the one that is overwhelming, the love that is breathtaking. The love that is threatened by the presence of another, but still is strong as ever. The love you want.

The last type of love is the one you see all around, the love you dream of. The kind of love that is forever binds two people. The love that is not only sexual and physical but also emotional. The one where two people are invested in each other, trust each other with not only with their hearts but their body and soul. The love you need.

Raegan Quinn has been lucky enough to experience all three of them, and this is her story.

October 1st

“Another recent city burning in Cleveland, Ohio occurred two days ago and left the city empty,and with no survivors. Temperatures have been dropped significantly in the last few days, from calming 80 degree weather to now barely making it to seventy degrees. Tonight will be 55 degrees and dropping so please out of the kindness of your heart if you see kids on the street tonight, please help them in anyway you can, offer…

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