Love Is Strange : Sexual Orientation Essay example

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Sexual orientation is ones sexual identity in accordance to their sexual and erotic affections and attractions. According to Garnets, “sexual orientation is determined by multiple influences, including a wide range of sociocultural factors.” (Garnets 297) She notes that you must incorporate these factors including race, gender, and class when you consider one’s sexual identity instead of examining it alone. These factors play an enormous role in the portrayal of sexual orientation in film. This occurs in Rush Hour 2 and Love is Strange as sexual orientation is depicted in both films, heterosexual orientation in Rush Hour 2 and homosexual orientation in Love is Strange both of which vary in illustration based on race. In Love is Strange, the story revolves around a homosexual couple, Ben and George, immediately following their marriage. Once George is fired from his job as a music teacher at a catholic school they must sell their New York City apartment and find another. While they look for an apartment they must live with family members, Ben lives with his nephew and George lives with a fellow homosexual couple, Roberto and Ted. Sexual Orientation is represented in this film through Ben and George’s homosexual relationship, Roberto and Ted’s homosexual relationship, and Ben’s nephew Elliot and his wife Kate’s heterosexual relationship. In Rush Hour 2, the storyline follows the adventures of two buddy cops, detective Lee and Carter, as a vacation to Hong Kong entangles…

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