Love Is Priceless Essay: There Is No Job More Important Than Parenting

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Love Is Priceless In the bestselling novel, This I Believe, family is a topic that is seen many times throughout the various essays. In one short essay by Benjamin Carson, titled There Is No Job More Important than Parenting, Benjamin talks about his childhood and how much he respects his mother for all that she has done from him. He discusses with the reader how little he truly understood about his mothers’ hardships and financial struggles. In a short essay by Cecile Gilmer, The People Who Love You When No One Else Will, Gilmer discusses the struggles that she had to go through growing up and how that led to her finding a new family that cared for her more than her own. There Is No Job More Important than Parenting and The People Who Love You When No One Else Will are very similar because both essays focus on how love runs deeper than blood and that getting through hard times is more possible when love is a factor. In There Is No Job More Important than Parenting, Benjamin touches on how important family is to him. Carson begins with talking about how his mother wanted her two sons to be successful because, “Through her work, she observed that successful people spent a lot more time reading that they did watching television (Carson …show more content…
One similarity between the two authors is that Carson grew up without a father and Gilmer grew up without a mother. Both Carson and Gilmer had to endure hardships because of their lack of a second parent, but in the end both of them made it through and achieved success. Carson grew up with an illiterate mother that worked endlessly to provide for him and his brother while Gilmer grew up with a father that was illiterate in the language of love. Gilmer found her true family while Carson eventually realized how much his mother truly loved

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