Love Is Always A Major Component Of A Shakespearean Comedy Essay

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Love is always a major component of a Shakespearean comedy. It is what these comedies are centered around. The lovers in this play do fall in love in the end and all is well, but do they really fall in love? The love between Benedick and Beatrice was conceived through the deception of their friends, therefore it was very hollow and very much based on the fact that their friends wanted them together. Claudio’s love for Hero is very shallow, but Hero’s love remains constant. Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship is based off from the fact that they initially hated each other, and their friends thought it would be just perfect if they could get their two friends that despised each other very much to be together in love. Benedick and Beatrice are both very proud, too proud to marry. Beatrice said, “I had much rather hear my dog bark at a crow, than a man swear he loves me.” (1.1.104-105). Benedick said “But it is certain that I am loved of all ladies, you excepted.... for truly I love none.” (1.1.99-102). Benedick and Beatrice have no love for any other man or woman, much more each other.
In Act 2, Scene 3, Benedick only starts to fall in love when he goes into Leonato’s garden and listens to Claudio Don Pedro and Leonato speak about how Beatrice loves Benedick but will never admit it to him. They say that Hero is worried about Beatrice’s health because Benedick would not be up for the challenge of loving Beatrice. Benedick only loves Beatrice because he believes from what…

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