Love Is A Feeling Or A Decision Essay

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Love is something that most, if not all, people around the globe have given or received at some point of their lives. It is something we crave to experience and some spend their entire lives in search of someone to love or who will love them. But what is love? Many debate on whether love is a feeling or a decision. Is love something you can say about the things we like, such as foods and colors, or should it be used only for the people we truly love? Should you constantly remind the people you love that you love them or can the word be over used and lose its meaning? There are so many questions about love and what it is. C. S. Lewis dedicated a whole book just to love and what it is. In his book he theorized that there are four different types of love. Affection, Friendship, Eros, and Charity. He explains his point of view on the topic very elaborately over each aspect of love but my focus is on only one of them. Out of Lewis ' four love theory, I believe Affection, aside from Charity, is the greatest of the loves because of how it encompasses everything in life and how it makes even the most undeserving people an object of Affection. “But almost anyone can become an object of Affection; the ugly, the stupid, even the exasperating. There need be no apparent fitness between those whom it unites.” (The Four Loves 31).
One of the first things about Affection is that it is the basis of the other two loves, Eros and Friendship. How can someone have romantic feelings towards a…

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