Song Of Solomon

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What is love? In today’s society, the meaning of the word love ranges in meaning from case to case and context to context. Sometimes maintaining the distinctions between the different uses of the word love is troublesome and souses some angst as to whether the word love has lost its meaning and value and has therefore turned into another catch all word similar to curse words today. Reflecting on love in our own lives and on the Song of Solomon can give us wisdom to affect current relationships with others and God.
Love in my own life is varied. The love towards my friends can vary depending on the closeness of the relationship. If the relationship is somewhat distant or new, the love in the relationship is more of a selfish and superficial
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It shows us clearly that love is passionate and is geared towards the other searching and holding fast to the loved one. It also tells us to be careful and not to arouse love until the right time Song of Solomon 3:5 (NIV)“Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” It gives this admonishment several times throughout the book. In Chapter 8 verses 6 and 7 describe the power of love that it is a powerful as death. That loves jealously does not give up similar to how the grave does not give up the dead. That love is has a fierceness that nothing can stop nor take away and observing that material things are incomparable and worthless in relation to …show more content…
There are many times when those around prematurely engage in and awaken love in contradiction to what the book as to say about bringing love to fruition at the right time. It is clear to see why love should only be the effects and intensity is as described in chapter 8. Yet many do not heed the warning and wisdom given. Jumping head long with full intensity, believing what the world says, that that the result will be an endless utopia of fulfilled desire. In relation to God and others this book can guide us into a relationship that is true to what love was intended, not what the world describes it is intended for.
The Song of Solomon is book that can guide with wisdom in our relationships with God and others. It shows us boundary and effect of the love relationship needs to be assumed at the proper time because of its intensity. It also shows us the passion and desire that is involved in a proper loving relationship helping us to visualize what can go right with the right context and

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