Romeo And Juliet In William Shakespeare's Tragedies

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Shakespeare plays have been told all throughout the world and have many different connotations. Shakespeare’s most famous play is Romeo and Juliet which entails the story of two star crossed lovers. The story deals with themes of love and tragedy. The lovers in the play are similar to some of his other works like The winter tale and As you like it. Romeo and Juliet is seen to be one of his tragedies but closely relates to his comedies. Shakespeare had a habit of intertwining his comedies and tragedies while writing. His stories dealt with character who have had struggles with family, state, and church and their process of dealing with an issue. Romeo and Juliet is the most famous tragedy in the world of literature.

The story beings with a battle between two families in the streets of Verona. The Montagues and Capulets are two families that have had turmoil dating back generations. The conflict between the families will never end because neither will forgive one another. Romeo Montague was age sixteen and in love with a women named Rosaline. Romeo was very handsome and intelligent and an overall passionate individual. The battle between the families never effected Romeo to the point of violence. Juliet Montague was thirteen at this time and daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet. Juliet’s main friend and confidant would be her nurse, who she told everything to, and trusted her with her deepest secrets. The prince of Verona had expressed his feeling of affection toward Juliet through
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Shakespeare’s touched many individuals with his work on Romeo and Juliet because of the premise in the story. The idea of two lovers and the conflict between two families became popular. The merging of his stories also helped with transitions down the line of literature in the world. He still to this day inspires young writers throughout the world and will be known as the greatest writer in

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