Love And Marriage In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare is centered strongly around the ideas of love and marriage. The two main relationships in the play are those of Hero and Claudio and of Benedick and Beatrice. They both face several hardships throughout the story, before ultimately reconciling in joy at the conclusion. These trials help to show that no matter what, true love will sustain, and cannot be hidden or broken.

Claudio and Hero’s relationship had a peculiar beginning. Claudio was too nervous to approach Hero himself, possibly because of atychiphobia; the fear of failure. He and his friend Don Pedro, the Prince, devised an ingenious plan,

“I will tell fair Hero I am Claudio,

And in her bosom I’ll unclasp my heart

And take her hearing prisoner with the force
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This unusual and seemingly flawed scheme, ends up working. When it came time to ask Hero’s father Leonato for the woman’s hand in marriage, the Prince, still disguised as Claudio, also takes on this role. Her father seems rather joyous about this and responds, “Count, take of me my daughter, and with her my fortunes...” (II.i.296-297).

Despite having an unsteady beginning, Hero and Claudio’s relationship became more stable and the day of their union was arranged. However, as the kingdom of Messina learns of this marriage, the news also falls upon the ears of the Prince’s brother, Don John. Don John has a resounding hatred for the Prince, and tells his henchmen,

“Any bar, any cross, any impediment will be med’cinable to me. I am sick in displeasure to him, and whatsoever comes athwart his affection ranges evenly with mine”

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