Love And Love : My Friend, Aaron Essay

1210 Words Jun 5th, 2015 5 Pages
The first time I felt a genuine human connection with someone was when I met my dear friend, Aaron. We began our relationship as friends, it was a delight to be able to conserve and be on the same level of comprehension and intellect with oneanother. We shared the same level of understanding, the ability to voice andunderstadning of similar sufferings. To recognize and acknowledge anothers pain, validating it eachothers anxieties and shared hopes for life. The beauty of wrods laid in this connection. and the ability to understand oneanother .We both loved words, conversation would be non stop and honestly kind of exhausting. Words flowed from him as much as they did for me. To be able to create music with this back to back conversation and arguments of eloquence and substance, a tennis game of mutual understanding. We were truely in sync with oneanother and it taught me the beauty of words in love and mutual understanding.We began to harbour romantic feelings for another and words helped us act on that feeling, we began to date. In romantic love, the weight of words seem to translate into higher importance and can harbour negative implications, the highest fault was that i began to base my own self worth on a lover’s voiced perception of me.

When someone falls in love with you, the reatment you recieve can be incredibly intoxicating. His words were incredibly intoxicating, constantly raving on my beauty and wisdom. Aaron had a romanticizied fervent almost obsessive way…

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