Losing What Matters That Can Not Be Cured, Prevented Or Slowed Down?

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Losing What Matters
What is the only cause of death in the top 10 in America that can not be cured, prevented or slowed down? Its Alzheimer’s and it’s a terrible disease not only because of what it does to the victim but also what the family has to go through. My grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I would go visit him in the hospital every day until this one time it just got to hard, it tore me up on the inside and it changed my view on life for a while.

It became a normal every day thing; id go to school then id come home and wait on my parents to get here and we would go to the hospital and sit with my grandparents. We would talk to my grandma, and my grandfather would just mutter a string of words or sounds that weren’t exactly logical. But that’s expected for someone with Alzheimer’s I guess. But today was unlike any others, it was the day I decided that I just couldn’t handle it anymore. My parents decided it is getting a little late, so we started to tell my grandma bye and turn to say our goodbyes to my grandfather and I give him a hug, I hugged him every time because I had no clue when the last time I was going be able to do that was. We start moving towards the door and my grandfather does something that no one was expecting him to, he normally just mutters at us in what he thinks is English and understandable to us and then we leave, but this time as I opened the door to proceed into the hallway and he yelled out my name. the first word he’s said in the…

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